2015 Annual Report


We’d like to share with you Semillas' main achievements for 2015

We strengthened



And benefited


people indirectly

In 19 states of the country, we supported 56 women’s groups and indigenous leaders who work in the following:
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individual donors of the Network of Women and Men Investing in Women


institutional donors

individual donors of the Network of Women and Men Investing in Women

institutional donors

Trusted in Semillas

We mobilized over

1.3 million dollars

to support women’s groups and indigenous leaders.

We launched the campaign #SinDarnosCuenta

to shed light on the naturalized violence against women present in many of our songs.

The campaign had 55,000 views in YouTube and more than 1.8 million views in Facebook.

Thanks to an alliance with the Solidarity Action Fund (in Spanish, FASOL), Semillas formalized its commitment to work in social environmental justice with a gender perspective.

This initiative, led by a feminist and an environmentalist fund, managed to mobilize resources to jointly support 28 groups headed by women that seek to respond to the effects of climate change and foster innovative strategies for sustainable community development.

Domestic workers are particularly vulnerable. This sector of the labor force has been atomized and enjoys few organizing opportunities.

After years of working to create a trade union to defend their rights,

the Center for the Support and Training of Domestic Workers, with the support of Semillas, was able to register the first National Union of Domestic Workers.

The union will help domestic workers have fair labor relationships with their employers. It will work to ensure respect for their labor rights, including social security, vacations, working days, Christmas bonus, and the like.

With the Watermelon Gala, Semillas celebrated its 25th anniversary.

This grand event featured a concert by Lila Downs and other special guests, including Las Reinas Chulas, Cintia Bolio, Mónica Mayer, Lucero González, and DJ Regina Puma.

The Watermelon Gala allowed us to establish alliances with new opinion leaders and other strategic actors. The event raised $28,826 dollars that will help us support more women’s groups.

We succeeded in creating a strategic alliance with the European Commission to strengthen the capacity of 40 women’s organizations to carry out advocacy work in Mexico.

The initiative will advocate for several major issues. These include indigenous women’s rights to own land, maternal mortality and adolescent pregnancy prevention, sexuality education for young indigenous people, and labor rights of domestic and maquila workers. The project lasts three years and is jointly operated by Semillas and the Simone de Beauvoir Leadership Institute.

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