2016 Annual Report


We continue promoting equality and we would like to share Fondo Semillas’s main achievements of 2016 with you.

We strengthened



We positively influenced the lives of


more people

We supported 42 women’s groups and organizations in 17 states across the country through our four programs.
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We raised more than

1.8 million dollars

to support women's groups, organizations, and collectives.

New selection process and advisors forum

We transformed our selection, support, and accompaniment processes, because we want to respond to the needs of the feminist and women's movements, rather than impose lines of action. We seek to provide general support, so the organizations, networks, groups, and collectives can make the most of it in a flexible way: both for their strategies and activities, as well as for their own strengthening.

Our selection process is now participatory and has two key components:

  1. The advisors forum, with the participation of 38 women from 15 states in the northern, central, and southern regions of the country, who analyzed the progress, obstacles, needs, and strengths of the movement in each region to help us focus Fondo Semillas’s funding in a strategic and effective way.
  2. Participatory peer voting, in which the finalist groups themselves voted for the 92 grantees who were eventually selected.

Embroidering My Rights

Forty Nahua women of Santa María Coyomeapan, in Puebla, attended workshops on women’s political, social, and cultural rights, as well as their right to a life without violence, taught by the grassroots organization Mujeres de la Sierra Negra [Women from the Sierra Negra], which Fondo Semillas supports. As a result of their increased sensitivity, women decided to depict one of the rights they had recently learned about in an embroidered design.

The result was so impressive that the National Museum of Popular Cultures in Mexico City requested the entire embroidery collection to create an exhibition. “Embroidering My Rights” has already received invitations to be exhibited in the states of Michoacán and Puebla.

I did not know what the right to equality was. Now I know, and I like it and I put it in my embroidery.
Gloria Ramos

Alliance with HIP and ProDESC

Unjustified dismissal, unpaid extras hours, sexual harassment, unsafe workplaces, among other aspects, are the conditions that thousands of women face in maquilas (or factories) linked to the fashion industry in Mexico.

Being aware of this situation, Fondo Semillas, Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) and the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project (ProDESC) decided to join their efforts, and establish an alliance to carry out the project "Improving the Working and Living Conditions for Working Women in Mexico."

This tripartite alliance seeks to strengthen grassroots organizations that advocate labor rights in seven states, as well as point out the responsibility and the obligations of both the private sector and the State.


Fondo Semillas, along with eight funds for women from Latin America and the Caribbean, launched the 1st Latin American short film contest #CortemosLaViolencia [Let’s Cut Violence Short] in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, and Dominican Republic. The purpose was to call upon young women to make videos that aimed to raise awareness of, prevent, and take action against the different types of gender based violence.

We received 73 wonderful works from 16 different countries. The winning video was "Playing for My Rights,” from Mexico, by Mujeres, Lucha y Derechos para Todas (Women, Struggle, and Rights for Everyone), a Mazahua women’s organization we support in the State of Mexico.

#EnCausArte Campaign

The #EnCausArte campaign was launched in late 2016 and encouraged people with an annual tax liability to "channel" their taxes by making a donation to Fondo Semillas and, thus, improving the lives of Mexican women. The campaign was presented during an event at the OMR Gallery, with the generous participation of mezzo-soprano singer Verónica Alexanderson, finance journalist Regina Reyes Heroles, and presentations by two grantee partners who use art as a strategy for raising awareness and transforming the community.

The event raised $29,566 UDS, which have allowed Fondo Semillas to support three new grassroots women's groups.

New website

In 2016 we launched our dynamic and interactive new website, with beautiful photos of our partners and videos to better communicate our work. We also launched a blog where we report the achievements of the women's groups we support and address issues of concern for the advancement of women's rights.

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Trusted in Fondo Semillas

We are grateful to the Global Fund for Women for having made the alliance with photographer Mark Tuschman possible. His beautiful photos appear in this report, our new web site, and other institutional materials.

With your support, we will continue spreading change!