2017 Annual Report

Women in

The Fondo Semillas board of directors and staff are excited to share the key achievements of our organization during 2017.

We strengthened



We positively impacted the lives of


more people

We supported women’s groups and organizations in 25 Mexican states through our four programs.

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We mobilized more than
41 million pesos (2.2 million dollars)
to support women’s groups, organizations and collectives.

Fondo Semillas launched the Women Rebuilding their Communities fund

Following the devastating aftermath of the September 2017 earthquakes, Fondo Semillas launched a fundraising campaign for the Women Rebuilding their Communities fund, in order to support long-term recovery strategies led by women. This fund seeks to renew civic participation and promote community processes of social and economic revitalization, and greater resilience in the face of future natural disasters.

The visibility campaign was launched in November 2017 on social media and managed to reach more than 1 million people on Facebook and Twitter. The fundraising to date amounts to 12.72 million pesos (676,000 dollars). After a rigorous selection process, donations were granted to 25 groups.

Women in Migration

Given the growing importance of the phenomenon of migration, Fondo Semillas began work to contribute to building a strong movement for the rights of migrant girls and women in Mesoamerica.

In 2017 Fondo Semillas awarded grants to nine organizations, which manage to advance in the evaluation and improvement of their institutional capacities. Likewise, they participated in national and regional meetings, built alliances with each other, and drew the attention of key actors to the issue of migration of girls and women.

One example was the Caravan of Central American Mothers who travel every year through Mexico to search for their sons and daughters who disappeared on their way to the United States. During 2017, thanks to the visibility generated by the Caravan, and the organizers' ability to put the issue of migration on the media agenda, nine mothers were reunited with their children.

#AfromexicanaSoy Campaign

With the purpose of making Mexican women of African descent more visible and promote pride in their identity, Fondo Semillas launched the #AfromexicanaSoy [#IAmAfroMexican] campaign.

Composed of three video spots, it tells the stories of Hilda, Patricia and Yara, who define what it means for them to identify as Afro-Mexicans and why it is important to recognize their identity to advance in the struggle for their rights.

The campaign was able to engage Afro-Mexican women who follow us on social media and shared their own photos along with messages of pride regarding their identity. The campaign had a reach of 860,570 people on Facebook and had 207,500 impressions on Twitter.

#MaquilandoElCambio [#ProducingChange] for better labor conditions for women factory workers

This initiative that we developed with Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) and the Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales [The Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project] (ProDESC), supports organizations of women factory workers in eight states in the country. Their objective is to improve labor conditions and the lives of working women.

The participating organizations in the project are:

Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Meeting in Uruguay

With the theme “Diversas pero no dispersas” [Diverse but not Scattered], the 14th Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe [Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Meeting] (EFLAC) was held from November 23rd to 25th, and brought together more than two thousand women from the region to reflect collectively on the agendas and current debates of the feminist movement.

Dirce Navarrete, Brenda Neria and Lucía Hidalgo, members of the Fondo Semillas team, participated in the meeting and facilitated a self-care and sustainable feminist activism session with other women’s funds. Four of the organizations we support also traveled with them: Las Chamanas [The Shamans] (Chiapas), Centro de Apoyo y Asesoría entre Mujeres, [Support and Advice among Women] CADEM (Puebla), Reflexión y Acción Feminista [Reflection and Feminist Action] (Yucatán) and Integración Social Verter [Social Integration Veter] (Baja California).

The EFLAC represented, both for the grantee organizations and for Fondo Semillas, a strategic space for building partnerships with other women's funds, organizations and networks at the regional level.

“In the meeting we met a wide diversity of people, and learned about diverse feminisms, which allowed us to expand our perspective of the actions we are taking. We created solid bonds with some of the collectives with whom we share ideologies and forms of work”.

Paola Becerra
Reflección y Acción Feminista [Reflection and Feminist Action]




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