Your donation sows change for women in Mexico. Join us!


A birthday with a good cause

You can invite your friends to make a donation to Fondo Semillas in your honor instead of giving you a birthday gift. We will supply materials and information that you can share on social media with #BirthdayWithACause, along with the total amount raised.


A challenge for Fondo Semillas

Invite your friends and family to support your challenge. For instance:

  • “If we raise $500 USD to support Fondo Semillas, I’ll ride the subway wearing my favorite costume and share my picture with the hashtag #ForFondoSemillas.”
  • “If we raise $1,500 USD together to support Fondo Semillas, I’ll cut my hair and share my picture with the hashtag #ForFondoSemillas.”
  • “If we raise $2,500 USD, I’ll run a marathon and share my picture with the hashtag #ForFondoSemillas”

Fundraising dinner or party

Sell tickets for a fundraising dinner or party with your friends.

  1. Choose which of our Program’s you find most inspiring (Body, Work, Land or Identities) and define where you would like your donation to go.
  2. Set a fundraising goal and a donation sum for each guest.
  3. Define your guest list, the date, and start organizing the dinner or party!

Get in touch with Karina De la Torre ([email protected], 55530109 ext. 202)), who will guide you and supply materials for all of these activities.

You can also become a recurrent donor.

There are two ways to do this: