2018 Annual Report

Women Sowing Seeds of Change

The Fondo Semillas board of directors and staff

are very pleased to share with you our main achievements of 2018.

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We funded 130 organizations

working for gender equality in 24 different states in the country.

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Financial Information


3,044,304 dollars


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2,486,796 dollars


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*Outstanding balance: 557,508 dollars. Income minus expenses equals the restricted funds budgeted for 2019.

Women Rebuilding their Communities

In July, we awarded grants to 24 collectives that work to rebuild their communities. These groups operate in Mexico City (2), Guerrero (1), Morelos (4), Oaxaca (13), and Puebla (4) to address the needs of communities that are still in a state of emergency due to the September 2017 earthquakes. Among their projects are the building of dry latrines and the installation of water filters, ovens, and smokeless stoves; the reactivation of the economy of women who make corn chips, bread, and tortillas; training in trades and crafts like bricklaying and leather sandal-making; and workshops for psychological and emotional support to ease fear and regenerate the social fabric of communities.

As part of our capacity building plan, collectives have also received training in areas such as administration, communication, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and risk management according to the priorities identified by each collective. In October, we organized a grantee meeting in Mexico City where all the collectives share information about their progress and obstacles, as well as establish alliances to later work together on their projects.

Click here for more information about the 24 groups.

These are our sisters from Monapaküy:

Fondo Semillas, an indispensable ally to the feminist movement

In response to our August 2018 call for proposals, we received 480 profiles of various groups and organizations. Among these, 390 complied with Fondo Semillas’ eligibility criteria for funding. Subsequently, in line with our commitment to involve activists in funding decisions that impact the movements they are involved in, the applicant organizations voted among themselves to choose the 105 collectives that were selected for our 2019-2020 grantmaking cycle.

We aim to respond more effectively to the needs of the feminist and broader women's movements. Our funds can now be used by the groups for general support, rather than having to be allocated to any specific project. Additionally, we now offer grants to more consolidated regional and national groups. In a context of restrictions on government funding for civil society organizations, the role of Fondo Semillas in the strengthening and long-term sustainability of the feminist movement in Mexico is even more important.

Feminist Forum for Reflection and Analysis

In Fondo Semillas, we believe that as a fund it is crucial to listen to activists, as well as academics and other experts, who are aware of the socio-political context and challenges faced by the feminist movement. We believe that it is vital for them to define which issues and regions it is more strategic to focus on through the funding we provide. Leaving the prioritization of issues and grantee organizations in the hands of the feminist movement is what makes Fondo Semillas unique in Mexico.

A key element in this process in 2018 was the Feminist Forum for Reflection and Analysis, where more than 60 representatives of the Mexican feminist movement participated in groups of collective analysis focusing on our programs: Body, Land, Work and Identities. The forum also included specific discussions on topics such as abortion, land defense, migration, LGBTQ+ rights, labor rights, the rights of young women and girls, and women’s participation in sports and the arts.

The reflections that emerged provided us with a strategic view of what is happening in the different realities of our country. They also gave us a broader perspective on the generalized violence and harassment experienced by many of the organizations we support as a result of their activism.

ROMA and Domestic Workers

id you know that, to this day, nine out of ten domestic workers do not have medical insurance, paid vacations, or other compulsory entitlements?

Thanks to an alliance with the producers of the film ROMA, from multi-award winning director Alfonso Cuarón, Fondo Semillas presented ten special screenings of the film in December. The events were attended by members of the Fondo Semillas’ donor community, opinion leaders, lawyers who specialize in labor law, domestic workers, and other key stakeholders.

This alliance helped position an issue that our organization has funded and supported for 15 years in the public agenda. Through these and other initiatives, Fondo Semillas seeks the recognition of the labor rights of domestic workers, aims to raise awareness about the contribution of paid domestic work to the economy, and works to reduce stigma attached to such work.

Source: ENADIS, 2017

The #MigrantMothers Campaign

Within the context of Mother’s Day, we launched the #MigrantMothers Campaign to shed light on the many problems surrounding migration. Thousands of women, when deported from the United States, are racked with pain for being separated from their children. Every year, many others travel through Mexico in search of relatives who disappeared while passing through our country. The campaign also includes promising cases that show that internal migration of indigenous women may represent new opportunities for them and their children. In all these stories, the campaign reflects the internal strength of these women, who have been victims themselves, and have now become activists and human rights defenders.


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Women Rebuilding their Communities

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