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Your donation helps transform the lives of more girls, young people and women in all their diversity in Mexico.


With our flexible financing, accompaniment and capacity building programs, we support groups of  women, trans* and intersex people so that they can work freely and safely. They are the ones who identify the problems they face in their environments, and thus propose the pertinent strategies and actions to address them.

We know that building from a place of self-care and collective care makes the work and its effects more powerful. For this reason, we seek to bring organizations closer to other networks, alliances, donors and strategic opportunities, and from there, sustain the movements for a present and a future with more equality and justice.


Our body allows us to exist in the world and weave relationships with other beings. As the first space of self-determination, the body is an essential part of the feminist agenda.


The current economic system and our ways of consuming have put life on the planet at risk. Indigenous women, mainly, have been fighting tirelessly to highlight that there will be no justice as long as the exploitation and plundering of original peoples’ territories continues for the benefit of a small few.


The sexual division of labor has historically assigned domestic activities to women and feminized bodies, as well as tasks related to caring for the home and dependent persons (children, the elderly or those with disabilities). This work has been vital to sustaining life in our societies, but it is not paid and has been systematically made invisible.


We build our identities on the stories, biographies, physical and cultural characteristics of which we are made, as well as belonging to different groups, spaces and territories. Our identities are plural and in constant movement.

Funded organizations

We currently support 143 organizations across Mexico.